Purple Ruffle Baby

Purple Ruffle Baby

Beautiful baby dressed in purple ruffles and cream lace. Lovely Sugar Britches baby with curly red hair. She has porcelain head, arms and legs with a fully posable cloth body.


Sugar Plum Sweetheart

Sugar Plum Sweetheart

Smiling toddler with a a big sweet tooth. Porcelain head, arms and legs with a styled wig. Handmade by the Groleau girls. Now on Ebay starting at $125.

This week we have been working on assembling dolls! YAY! But in order to put the beautiul porcelain pieces together, we have to have a cloth or porcelain body for them. Most of our dolls have cloth bodies that we make special for each doll. Each doll is slightly different from every other doll, even when they come from the same mold. And as such, we sometimes have to modify a body to fit the new doll. We discovered this week that the process can take a LONG time (as many as four bodies were made for one doll in order to find the best one), but the results are well worth the time.

Come see us! Arizona Dream Dolls will be at the Pheonix Doll Show this weekend, March 19th.  Come see us and our beautiful dolls!

Padme Doll

My friend and I have got into a new branch of dollmaking – Repainting barbie dolls and dressing them in good costumes.  For our first doll, we decided to do Padme from Star Wars Episode I because I had those dolls sitting around 🙂 .

Original Paint Job

The new paint job

Isn’t it an amazing difference?  Joanna did an amazing job.  Now I have to get cracking on the new costume for the doll.

The costume the doll will eventually wear

YAY 🙂 .  So much fun 🙂 .

WIP – Crochet Organizer

I finally got this organizer almost done!  All that is left is get a ribbon tie with the d-ring closure and to wash it. The quilting was pretty easy, even for my second try on a quilting machine. And the inside went together very smoothly, just like it was supposed to, even though I didn’t have any nice ruler to mark the lines.  That’s the one thing I miss over here, I don’t have the access to all the tools my mom has around her all the time.

I used a satin look ribbon to bind the edges of the organizer.  It went on very nicely and I think it looks awesome.  The problem was that I sewed the ribbon on BEFORE I sewed the zipper pocket. So I had to take out a section of binding out, sew the zipper into the pocket, sew the pocket up, and then attach it to the organizer and sew the ribbon binding on again.  It was a little extra work, but looks really good.  Unfortunatly I don’t have any pictures yet of the finalized orgainzer with zipper pocket, but I do have pictures with the binding 🙂 . Enjoy!

What do you think of my corners?

The beautiful binding

I love the pattern of this fabric


WIP Silver Doll Purse

Several months ago I cut out a silver and green doll purse and today I finally started working it.

All the pieces, minus the lining

The pockets were the easiest part of the whole thing.  They are simple, hemmed at the top and stitched down on the sides.  The bottom of the pocket is caught in the bottom seam of the purse.

This is where the pocket will go on the bag

The pockets are now firmly attached in place

Then it started getting tricky.  First came the zipper.  Zippers are so annoying and this one was frustrating.  I had to take out the one side at least four times before I felt it was right and even now I still think I could have done better.  Oh well.  It does look good, though.

Doesn't look too bad, does it?

It works like a charm

Zipper, okay, it looks good and wasn’t too hard.  Next was the straps.  Those were really easy, just two pieces of ribbon stitched down.  Very simple.  I had wanted green ribbon like the green patches, but unfortunatly we don’t have any, so I settled on some dark brown ribbon.  I like it because it adds a beautiful contrast while not detracting from the coolness of the bag.

I just love this ribbon

The ribbon straps went on smoothly and they looked marvelous.  Then the bottom seam got sewn and it was time for the end circles.  UGH!!!  These things are what makes the bag look so cool, but they are the absolute pits! It was almost impossible to to get the circles in smoothly (without any puckers).  I really wanted to get the circles in smooth, but it didn’t work like I wanted it to, even though I took it out and put it back in about five times.  Yeah, those things were annoying.

But, even though I am NOT happy with how they turned out, the purse still looks pretty good and I’m glad to see how it turned out fairly decent.

The finished bag

The extremely difficult yet awesome side circles

The bag still needs to be lined, but I got so tired and frustrated with the outside of the bag, I decided to take a break and do the rest of the bag tomorrow.  So there is more yet to come.